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June 12, 2015

Operation Smile Shipping 11 Metric Tons of Meds, Supplies, Equipment to PH for “Gift of Smiles” mission that will treat 750 Filipino cleft children this June

Operation Smile Shipping 11 Metric Tons of Meds, Supplies, Equipment to PH for “Gift of Smiles” mission that will treat 750 Filipino cleft children this June

Virginia Beach, VA, U.S.A. A veritable army of packers, sorters, checkers, and cargo handlers is working around the clock inside the cavernous warehouse of the Global Headquarters of Operation Smile, Inc. (OSI) to ready the shipment of medicines, medical supplies and equipment to the Philippines in time for June 12 to 20, 2015 “Gift of Smiles” mega mission in the Philippines.

The cargo comprises of 8 metric tons of medicines and medical supplies and 3 metric tons of medical equipment with an aggregate value of US $1.3 million or roughly P58 million.

“We’ve done the drill a thousand times so it’s more or less routine work for us. But knowing that this will help heal 750 indigent cleft children still gives me and my crew a lump in the throat,” OSI logistics and management vice president Jesse Hines said.

“I’ve seen those children and I know that they will never ever experience the pure joy of smiling at someone and getting a smile in return without the free surgery that Operation Smile provides,” the former U.S. Marine Corps master gunnery said.

The cargo that Jesse and his crew are preparing will travel 14,088 kilometers, nearly halfway around the world, to Manila, the capital of the Philippines.

From there, it will be broken down and shipped separately to the five “Gift of Smiles” mission sites: to nearby Sta. Ana Hospital in Manila; to the Ricardo Rodriguez Memorial Hospital in Bacolor, Pampanga, 73 kilometers away; to Our Lady of Mercy Specialty Hospital in Bacolod City, 674 kilometer away; to the Adventist Hospital in Cebu City, 849 kilometers; and to Brokenshire Hospital in Davao City, 1,489 kilometers away.

Another set of troops will take over the cargo when it reaches the mission sites – volunteer plastic surgeons, anesthesiologists, pediatric intensivists, pediatricians, dentists, nurses, speech pathologists, biomedical technicians, child-life psychologists, medical records specialists and patient imaging technicians.

A total of 301 volunteer medical and allied medical professionals from 17 countries, including the Philippines, are joining the “Gift of Smiles” mission. Hundreds more from the staff of the mission hospitals and the local site partners will support them.

Philippine-bound. Jesse Hines (extreme right) and some of his crew stand before boxes upon boxes of medicines and medical supplies that they are shipping to the Philippines for the huge “Gift of Smiles” medical mission that Operation Smile is mounting in Manila, Bacolor, Bacolod, Cebu and Davao from June 12 to 20.

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